Survivor Game Changers: Episode 4 Recap

What on earth just happened? I watched that scene twice, read several recaps and reviews, and listened to podcasts and exit interviews, and I’m still not sure what happened. I don’t think many of the people who were actually there understood what happened. I am, of course, talking about the most chaotic Tribal Council ever.

But before we get into all that I may as well start at the beginning. The morning after Tribal Coucil sees Debbie and Hali by the well, talking strategy. It’s all looking good for Hali, who appears to have a potential in Debbie, but this just goes to show how terrible I’d be at Survivor, because Debbie is is just telling Hali what she wants to hear. Debbie’s so kooky that I sometimes forget that she’s actually very intelligent.

We then move on to a very strange reward challenge, where each tribe must select two people to compete – one has to balance a ball on an ever increasing pole over a series of obstacles, and the other has to knock down nine targets with sandbags. The challenge itself isn’t that strange, but why are only two people from these tribes of five-six competing. It feels like this was an individual challenge that got brought forward in the season and hastily modified into a team challenge. Why?

Ozzy buys Tavua an early lead, because Ozzy can’t help but be irritatingly proficient at all physical challenges, but any goodwill is lost when Troyzan allows Nuku’s Malcolm to close the gap and overtake him. But unfortunately here comes Brad for Mana knocking down targets like nobody’s business.

And then something very strange indeed happens. A caption appears on the screen saying #coffeeisforclosers. What? Is Survivor trying to get their own hash tag going? And why such a terrible hash tag? Did someone say it in the show? I didn’t hear it, but maybe we get a different edit in Australia. I noticed earlier that an @JeffProbst caption popped up, but is the social media push a new thing this season? I hate when shows try to get their audience involved on social media. It’s like when your aunt tries to be your friend on Facebook.

Anyway, Tavua will go without coffee and biscuits, but they won’t be going hungry. Oh no. Because Super Ozzy just went and caught a huge stingray for them to eat. i wouldn’t imagine you could eat a stingray.  Incidentally, are there marine biologists out there telling the contestants what fish won’t kill you if you eat them? I’ve always wondered.

Meanwhile at Nuku, JT and Malcolm are bro-ing out and discussing a plan to oust Sandra. This is music to my ears, as Sandra’s cockiness is grating – and even worse seems to be the effect that her cockiness is deserved. She did manage to pull together a new alliance in five minutes when it became clear that Tony was a liability; she’s the two-time winner but has survived three out of four tribal councils, including this latest crazy fest; and she appears to be in control over at her tribe, seeing as her pick for the vote, Sierra, is what the rest of the tribe eventually goes for.

At the immunity challenge, Jeff reveals this episode’s big twist. The bottom two tribes will be going to Tribal Council. I’m fairly sure this has been done before, but after the challenge is over, he reveals the other part of the twist: two tribes might be going to Tribal, but only one person will be voted out. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The challenge involves four tribe members blindfolded while a fifth guides them to collect bags from water towers filled with Nickelodeon slime. They will then manoeuvre the balls from the bags through a table maze. Tavua seem to be doing the best straight out of the gate, but it ends up being Nuku who move on to the second part of the challenge first.  But it all comes down to the table maze. It’s tight between Tavua and Nuku (with Mana, true to form, flailing way behind), but in the end Tavua win, sending the other two tribes to Tribal Council.

In words that will come back to haunt him, Malcolm says that if there were any challenge to lose this was the one. Nuku are up in the numbers 6-5. It should be easy. New Nuku vote one way, New Mana vote another, and whomever Nuku voted for will be going out. But its not that simple. There’s the chance that someone will flip – Hali might vote with Nuku; Malcolm and JT might band together with Mana to get out Sandra; someone might have an idol. Ah yes, the idol. Tai goes out and finds the idol, via an ‘x’ marks the spot clue. Normally my opinion on idols is the fewer people know about it the better, but in this case, I think Tai was right to make the idol public property for whoever on his tribe will need it.

Tribal Council starts out normally enough, with the two tribes pounding their chests and putting on a show of being two unified fronts. Brad threatens Hali to vote with them or else; she isn’t particularly impressed with his approach, and reminds everyone that it could come down to rocks. Both sides start fighting for Hali’s vote, and then the whispering starts. At first people are just whispering in their seats. Brad Culpepper’s name does the round of the Nuku tribe like he’s the answer in a Chinese whisper. Then Debbie grabs Brad by the head to whisper in his ear and wonder if they’ve switched their vote to him. The whispering seems to die down, as Jeff asks Sierra a question. But the camera’s are on JT asking Malcolm if he should talk to Brad. Then JT gets out of his seat and tells Brad that it’s not him they’re voting for. Then all hell breaks loose. “If that’s how they’re going to play it,” says Hali, who walks over to Sandra and implore the Nukuians to vote Brad. Soon everyone is standing, whispering to each other, huddles are forming, weird aggressive whispers that involve grabbing people by the head with both hands, Jeff nearly falls out of his seat, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria

Jeff declares it’s time to vote, and as Hali goes up – telling Sandra she may regret it – Michaela, who’s been pretty quiet this episode, wonders why Hali didn’t tell them who had the idol. “Nobody got no idol over there,” says Sandra.

But someone did have an idol, and so all Nuku’s votes for Sierra are null and void, and the episode ends with the death of another bromance as Malcolm is voted out.  But the episode doesn’t end there. “JT set us up,” Michaela whispers to Varner as they march crestfallen out Tribal Council.

Next week looks like it will see JT’s in a whole lot of trouble. But the real kick will come in December, when JT will sit by his mailbox, waiting for a certain Christmas card that will never come…


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